Mittwoch, 14. Oktober 2020

Chaos Armor!

Chaos Black Legion forces for Epic Armageddon or Squad Hammer and Grim Dark Future in 6mm. For now I can field Predators, Dreads, Land Raiders and a Defiler. Much more to come!



Donnerstag, 8. Oktober 2020

Goodbye Firestorm Armada - Aquans

These ships are for sale on Ebay. I really liked them and they were fun to paint. But they are just too big and I don't play Firestorm anyway. For Full Thrust and alike I will use smaller ships from GZG and Brigade Models. I thought my Aquan fleet deserved to be shown here before they leave my place.



Freitag, 2. Oktober 2020

Space Elves and Ambulls

 Seems like I took a month off... 

Today I present the start of my 15mm Eldar forces. I don't plan to paint a whole army, since I do skirmishes most of the time anyway. The Guardians are from Blue Moon's Alien Universalists range, the Wraithlord-like thing is an old 40k wardrone from the Rogue Trader Era. The Ambull has also been painted months ago and I thought he would make a nice addition to this post. Always loved the model, was lucky to get one for a reasonable price. 



Never forget, never forgive - 15mm Dark Angels

Whoa... that was a quick one. After two days of printing and painting, I have five Dark Angels ready for battle. On my desk there are Assaul...