Dienstag, 29. Januar 2019

15mm Space Hulk on Doom board tiles

I found the old Doom boardgame tiles to be a proper environment for 15mm Space Hulk like games. Miniatures and scenery are a mixture of Khurasan, Games Workshop, Rebel, Ion Age and GZG. I might replace the card tiles with a styrofoam board like I did for my 15mm dungeon, but for the moment I'm happy.
Needless to say that it would have cost me a lifetime to paint all this in 28mm (which I did some years ago). I will simply sell all that old stuff and buy some new 15mm armies!  

Montag, 21. Januar 2019

Dark Elves and Lizardmen

Two new fantasy races for my 15mm dungeon project. Splintered Light Dark Elves and Lizardmen ready for battle. I await desperately my orders from Ral Partha, Battle Valor and Alternative Armies to get hands on adventurer, orc and undead miniatures. Once those arrive with some more dungeon furniture, the fun is about to begin! 

Samstag, 19. Januar 2019

Time for a new kind of setting - 15mm Fantasy comes true!

I couldn't resist. I own everything I need in 28mm. Most of it is even painted... and yet I needed 15mm fantasy. So I started building a new dungeon and ordered from Splintered Light, Ral Partha Europe and Alternative Armies. If time allows, I can paint five miniatures per day. Everything I ever wanted to do in RPG style games will be possible now. God, how I love this scale!

First pictures show Splintered Light Bugbears and Khurasan daemon type minis. Lizardmen and Dark Elves are next!

Here are some pics of my 28mm Fantasy stuff:


Sonntag, 13. Januar 2019

A Fistful of Space Marines

Happy New Year!

I start 2019 with my first batch of everybody's favorite Space Marine Chapter, the Imperial Fists. Allready owning a 6mm Epic army of those yellow fellows, I still couldn't convince myself to choose a different SM chapter. I was tempted by Dark Angels, but I resisted to heresy...
So here they are with new terrain pieces as well. All miniatures are from the Ion Age and where fun to paint. Alien scenery is Games Workshop.

I won't add too much, since I want to keep 15mm 40k on a skirmish level. Maybe another squad, some jetbikes and a Rhino/Razorback.


Food in white cans - hard to open, delicious to eat

It's only three of them, but I couldn't resist to shoot some Space Hulk photos with my Deathwing Terminators. I placed them on my Do...