My Blood Bowl teams

Here's my first subpage presenting my not 15mm projects. Some of them painted years ago, some of them still work in progress. I'd like to start with an all time favourite, my beloved Blood Bowl teams.

Dark Elves

My nasty sadist bad asses from Naggaroth. I own them for over 20 years, but I repainted them not too long ago with my other BB teams. I really like to play them, especially against other Elves. Throwing and passing are as much fun for me as bashing my opponent into the ground. Overall Blood Bowl and Blitz Ball are fantastic games, though I also like the excellent Elf Ball ruleset.


Chaos Dwarves

Another original 3rd Edition team I bought many moons ago. They have been painted twice while being in my possession and I'm happy with their actual state. There are some Hobgoblins and Stars left in the painting queue though.

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