Sonntag, 30. Oktober 2022

Orktober is here - Evil is back!

A big hello to all who remember me. I took some time off, much longer than I thought I would. On February 24th I stopped painting wargaming minis. When I saw real tanks invading european countries, I couldn't motivate myself playing with tiny ones... So I followed the news for an unhealthy week and decided to start/continue other projects like my metal vest that I'm wearing when visiting concerts. I read books, started to do some research on my family's history and after months I accepted that this war is still there and will continue to do so. 

In September I started a new Necron army in 15mm that I will show you in Necrovember, today I'm restarting this blog with some Orky stuff. I have painted over 60 miniatures in the last six weeks, so you will definetly see some stuff here, if you are still watching. Of course I will have to check out your progress as well and look forward to see some awesome stuff! 

Love and Peace and Waaaagh to all of you, 

 Skully :)



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