Donnerstag, 17. November 2022

It's Necrovember, but here it feels like summer!

It is really warm for this time of year and I spent lots of time outside with the kids. But some quick paintjobs per evening for little more than a week gave me a respectable 15mm Necron force. I used the superb Cronz-files from Ankylo Miniatures that came out of my printer in perfect shape. I added a downscaled Skorpekh Lord and now I'm ready to harvest! Can't wait to try them out with Grim Dark Future or Xenos Ramapant, once it is available.

Sonntag, 30. Oktober 2022

Orktober is here - Evil is back!

A big hello to all who remember me. I took some time off, much longer than I thought I would. On February 24th I stopped painting wargaming minis. When I saw real tanks invading european countries, I couldn't motivate myself playing with tiny ones... So I followed the news for an unhealthy week and decided to start/continue other projects like my metal vest that I'm wearing when visiting concerts. I read books, started to do some research on my family's history and after months I accepted that this war is still there and will continue to do so. 

In September I started a new Necron army in 15mm that I will show you in Necrovember, today I'm restarting this blog with some Orky stuff. I have painted over 60 miniatures in the last six weeks, so you will definetly see some stuff here, if you are still watching. Of course I will have to check out your progress as well and look forward to see some awesome stuff! 

Love and Peace and Waaaagh to all of you, 

 Skully :)



Samstag, 5. Februar 2022

15mm Blitz Bowl - Orcs!

Another Blitz Bowl team done. These are metal miniatures made by ZombieSmith. Not the most detailed sculpts, but they were fun to paint. What do I do next... Skaven? Lizardmen? Goblins? Oh my... 

Samstag, 29. Januar 2022

8mm Undead - Fantastic Battles, here I come!

I have rebased my tiny Undead and added some proper terrain, everything 3D-printed. I will add some characters and another unit of skeletons and then I'm ready for my first games of Dragon Rampant, Mayhem and/or Fantastic Battles. I quite like that the force looks like a big warband and not like a mass army - gives me the proper Warhammer Fantasy feeling! The opposing army is also nearly done, can't wait to play! :D

Sonntag, 16. Januar 2022

Epic Armageddon: Eldar

We live in the golden age of miniature gaming. Great rulesets and endless possibilities and choices where to get your miniatures from. I finally have a limitless source for all kinds of Eldar Infantry. Here are some guardians with a weapon platform and a Farseer on a jetbike that I printed some time ago. The rest ist GW, Vanguard Miniatures or forumware models. I think, given the different sources, it all fits together rather nicely.

Sonntag, 9. Januar 2022

15mm Blitz Bowl - Chaos!

Back to Blitz Bowl with a new team - this time it's good old Chaos. I obviously used the old HeroQuest Chaos Warriors and some beastmen I found on Thingiverse. Next team in the made are the Orcs! 

Happy New Year to all of you!




Xenos Rampant is out - and it likes 15mm scale!

This is not a batrep.