Montag, 10. August 2020

All god's creatures green and small

I added some rot to my Epic 40k chaos forces. Might be played in E:A or Grim Dark Future. The small guys are Cyclopean Daemons from Microworld Games. The bigger GW Plague Bearers will be used as daemonic champions in 6mm and as normal daemons in 15mm. I like my miniatures doiung double duty.

Dienstag, 4. August 2020

One page to rule them all...

I did it. At least I hope so.
For years I felt that constant itch of needing a rule system that would let me use my Epic 40 miniatures on a smaller level meaning that I basically play 40k with tiny minis and multibased squads. I tried Gruntz, Alien Squad Leader, Squad Hammer and Future War Commander which are all great games, but maybe not made for this special purpose.
Recently I stumbled upon One Page Rule's Grim Dark Future which seems to let me do just like I wanted. Motivated by my find I revamped some of my Imperial Guard models adding some black and proper highlighting. Now I am starting to do the same with my Chaos and Ork armies to have opponents for my first tests.
I can field tanks, APCs, artillery, infantry, elite troops, command units with heroes and even more stuff. Painting this in 28mm would have taken ages, I guess. The units receive a stat card with hit point boxes that can be ticked off. Every man counts!
Did I mention that Grim Dark Future can be played solo? Seems like that system was made for me... If not, my eternal quest is just going to continue.


Sonntag, 2. August 2020

Is this some sort of peasant joke?

These Demonworld chaps are sold as "peasant militia" by Ral Partha Europe... but one of them screams "thief" and another "monk", I think. They are great sculpts however and I enjoyed painting them a lot.

Back from holidays and curious about what you guys did in my absence... I'll have a look now! :)


Dienstag, 23. Juni 2020

One Page Rules - Age of Fantasy Skirmish Batrep

I tried out Age of Fantasy Skirmish along with their Solo AI rules. I had a good time and will try out their Grim Dark Future game next!

This will be my last post before holidays, have a nice summer, all of you! :)

Mittwoch, 17. Juni 2020

15mm Empire: We have an ogre - and we will use him!

I always thought I suck at sculpting... Maybe I have improved my skills or it's again 15mm scale that is way more forgiving mistakes. I desperately wanted an ogre for my Empire warband. After some research it became clear that there is none on the market and a conversion would be necessary. I realized that I picked up six of the excellent ogre miniatures from Alternative Armies. I sacrificed a Demonworld chap for the feather and looked through my 28mm bitz finding an old shield fitting size-wise. The rest had to be done with green stuff. I am more than pleased with the final result and will certainly do another one in the near future. An ogre rarely comes alone and I have to other poses left to convert.

Montag, 8. Juni 2020

15mm Empire Warband

After spending the past weeks to shrink my postapoc stuff to 15mm, I wanted to change for fantasy again. I am continuing to sell my 28mm stuff and redo everything in the perfect scale. I had a nice Warhammer Fantasy Empire warband I painted up in the Talabheim colour scheme. For the 15mm version I swapped the white for black. The colours do not fit any specific region of the Old World, but I like them better now. Using Essex and Demonworld miniatures, I spent a week to paint up 13 miniatures. I guess I needed more than two months to achieve the same in 28mm back in the day. I will only show five per post as usual starting with my Captain, some foot soldiers and my first archer. I will use them as imperial troops in skirmishes or as town guard when I'm roaming the Forgotten Realms. The buildings are all from Alternative Armies.

Montag, 1. Juni 2020

Dystopian Diaries - Part 10: Children of the Zone

Welcome to Dystopia. Every monday there will be a new entry showing my progress on all things postapoc.

These guys are the Squamata Auxiliaries of the Kaamados Dominion. They're from Ral Partha's Critical Mass line and make great Tech-Cultists or worshippers of Nurgle. I will use them as twisted explorers of the wasteland who venture deep into contaminated terrain. They have rare weapons and gear, but their bodies have been exposed too long to critical doses of radiation. The miniatures are great, but they're kind of smallish and maybe not to everybody's taste sizewise. 

The Covid-situation is relatively calm here in Germany and I'm allowed to work again. It's time to move on and get some rest from the all this PA stuff. I think I'll switch to Fantasy to have a change of pace.

Stay safe, stay healthy! 

All god's creatures green and small

I added some rot to my Epic 40k chaos forces. Might be played in E:A or Grim Dark Future . The small guys are Cyclopean Daemons from Microwo...