Sonntag, 26. September 2021

Epic 40K: Vanguard Orks

Nothing new here... I added some Vanguard Skinners to bring more variety into my Ork army. The rest has been painted years ago. Since I want to play some Grim Dark Future games with them, individual poses on the infantry stands have become more important. If I will ever manage to paint enough footsloggers for some Epic Armageddon action I cannot say. 



Freitag, 17. September 2021

15mm Necromunda: House Cawdor

Half of my digitally kit-bashed Cawdor gang is done and I am allready painting an opposing force as well. It's nice to see them coming along like this. They are really fun to paint and will see some Grim Dark Future Gang War action soon!



Feel the armored might of the Emperor!

Nothing new here... just a group shot of my overhauled Imperial Guard force in 6mm scale. Wait, there is also a new gaming mat. I really have to paint up some more units and field these guys against my upcoming Necron army. Not really sure if I will ever play Epic Armageddon with them, it's just to tempting to play some big Grim Dark Future matches.



Samstag, 11. September 2021

Battletech: Alpha Strike Lance

It's mech time again. 

I have added a Trebuchet, a Panther and two Locusts to my collection of 3D-printed MWO mechs. As always they come with some custom unit cards that match the designs as I like to keep my house in order. ;) 

Right now I'm working on my first clan star, great fun! 



My eyes may rot...

...but I do see you! I have to start into 2023 with a big SORRY to some people that have been such great folks since I blog here. I have som...