Freitag, 31. Januar 2020

Some bugs and an important question

Whoa, that was close. Nearly a whole month without a new post! I could say that my children keep me me from painting and posting (which is partly true), but I have to confess something to you guys... I have been painting... something not 15mm! Right now I'm looking at a tiny starship fleet from Brigade models and I'm going to add a battleship tonight. Some weeks ago I had a lot of Epic 40k stuff on my table and I finished a lot of new models I plan to use with Polyversal.

Now for my question... Would it be treason to show these things here? I started this blog strictly 15mm, but now I feel like posting stuff even tinier... as long as I don't go back to 28mm, I could justify something off-topic once in a while. What do you think? ;)

And now the proof that I did work on some 15mm guys as well. Here are my Khurasan Gun Crabs!


Xenos Rampant is out - and it likes 15mm scale!

This is not a batrep.