Sonntag, 24. Januar 2021

Oooops, I did it again...

 ...I finished a team that's going to win!

15mm Blitz Bowl put me in a state of fever and painting teams is tempting when you can finish two per week. This time it's the Dwarves, coming from Zombiesmith's Portaball line. The pictures on their website didn't reveal much, you have to guesstimate the quality. But I have to say, Joshua is a nice guy and I'm very happy with the stuff I bought. Well yes... of course, I bought all seven teams. 

So, here they are. The Kazad-Dûm Krushers are on the pitch! 

P.S. I remixed and 3D-printed a diceholder to keep track of the score!  

Montag, 18. Januar 2021

Blood Bowl, errr... Blitz Bowl in god's chosen scale!

Yes, that means 15mm, guys! 

You: "But why did you do that, Skully?"

Me: "Because I could."

You: "But you allready own all of that in 28mm scale!" 

Me: "Everybody makes mistakes."

Blitz Bowl is allready a small scale game compared to Blood Bowl, since you only need 6-8 miniatures per team. But in 15mm I can paint up to two teams per WEEK. It is highly transportable, I can take it with me during holidays. The miniatures (mostly 3D-printed, with additions of Splintered Light and Alternative Armies) are magentized and I can carry up to 3 teams in a metallic cookie box. 

Today I'd like to show my pitch and my Undead team. I have nearly all other teams bought, printed or planned. Give me 5 weeks and you shall see them painted. ;)



Freitag, 1. Januar 2021

Number One Hundred and a Happy New Year!

Unbelievable. This is my 100th post since I started this blog in 2018. I am quite happy that I ran it for that long and that you guys kept being interested in it. In the beginning I wasn't sure if 15mm would really be the great solution that I had in mind. But yes, I still love the scale and I can count the 28mm dudes I painted since 2018 with the fingers of just one hand. I don't miss anything. 

For my 100th post I chose Chaos again. This time I'd like to show the Star Marauders and Zoni Warriors by Darkest Star Miniatures, which were a lot of fun to paint and make great chaotic Space Pirates and Cultists. For my 15mm games in the 40k universe I'm aiming for a more rogue-traderish setting that allows me to mix things like I want. The bigger dude is an old Knight Paladin from Epic 40k, but I think he makes a nice chainsaw-wielding Dreadnought type. The miniatures also mix well with Alternative Armies' Nox power armor warriors (from the Ion Age section).    

A big "Thank You" to all my followers for your comments an ongoing support. I draw a great motivation out of your thoughts and suggestions. Even though I don't know you in person, I enjoy our little conversations a lot. Stay safe, stay healthy, may 2021 a year with much less worries for all of you. 






Five Leagues from Gotburg - Part 1

It's batrep time.