Donnerstag, 8. Oktober 2020

Goodbye Firestorm Armada - Aquans

These ships are for sale on Ebay. I really liked them and they were fun to paint. But they are just too big and I don't play Firestorm anyway. For Full Thrust and alike I will use smaller ships from GZG and Brigade Models. I thought my Aquan fleet deserved to be shown here before they leave my place.




  1. They look great. I really like the organic painting style. It works very well. I hope the purchaser gets good use out of them!

  2. They are beauifully painted indeed!! I hope they can find a new home!

  3. They're painted up to a professional standard. Hope they find a good new home. Got rid of most of my FA stuff a few years ago myself, but I heard they're working on a new version of the game.


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