Sonntag, 28. November 2021


I'm still alive and I find it orkward how time flies... two months without any update is the longest pause I ever made since I work on this blog. When I started to post stuff on Instagram, I thought people might have a look here more often - but it seems the opposite is the case, haha. 

Whatever, I'm old fashioned and I will continue to write here. It fits quite well to the theme that I fleshed out my 15mm Space Orks made by Slap Miniatures. I also added a Mega-Ork from Wake's Emporium which I 3D-printed. Gretchins and Killa Kanz are in the working queue. WAAAAAAAAAAGH!




Food in white cans - hard to open, delicious to eat

It's only three of them, but I couldn't resist to shoot some Space Hulk photos with my Deathwing Terminators. I placed them on my Do...