Donnerstag, 29. November 2018

15mm Genestealer Cult

Well, I allready had the tyranid-like bugs, so I decided to give them a cult following too. Rebel Minis Sahadeen seemed to be a perfect match, I just had to add a Kremlin Miniatures Magus. The Rebel War Maidens present my Hybrids. I sculpted a third arm with Genestealer Claws on every miniature. The Matchbox Swat Truck is my Goliath proxy.
I will expand the army in the near future, I allready have some more minis, weapon teams and vehicles. But who will sculpt a Not-Patriarch for me?? I really hope Slap Minis might do something like this one day. Or maybe I will take one of those Epic Carnifexes and start a conversion...

If you are interested in my 28mm Genestealer Cult, have a look here:


Donnerstag, 15. November 2018

NSL meets Old Crow

I added Old Crow Gladius Tanks to my NSL forces. They also received a Heavy Weapon Team and a Yaokong Remote from Infinity which works well in 15mm. They are nearly playable now, all I have to finish is another APC and some Power Armor guys.

Sonntag, 11. November 2018

We came to shred - Attack of the Space Bugs!

Another example of how well different lines mix together in 15mm. Games Workshop, Rebel Minis and GZG stuff for my bug army which will also use 28mm and 6mm stuff. They will see play in Space Hulk like corridor crawls and with Gruntz or Fireteam Andromeda.

Dienstag, 6. November 2018

Power-Fist to the people!

I managed to do my first conversions in 15mm adding power fists, Plasma Pistols and Plasmaguns to NSL Jaegers and Panzergrenadiers from GZG. Some greenstuff and random bitz from Epic Ork Nobz and Warhammer 40k weaponry for the backpacks. I'm quite happy with the results and look forward to use those guys in Clash on the Fringe skirmishes. The coverted result is shown next to the original sculpt from GZG for comparison.

Food in white cans - hard to open, delicious to eat

It's only three of them, but I couldn't resist to shoot some Space Hulk photos with my Deathwing Terminators. I placed them on my Do...