Mittwoch, 18. Januar 2023

My eyes may rot...

...but I do see you!

I have to start into 2023 with a big SORRY to some people that have been such great folks since I blog here. I have some really weird problems with my google account that prevent me from making comments on YOUR sites. I can still answer to your posts that you leave here, but I cannot write properly anywhere else. If I try to comment on your work, I have to re-enter my google-account (which works), but the text-box for commenting still doesn't work for me. I have also tried with another account, but that also failed. 

I will see if a new computer changes anything of that, but at the moment I'm just a silent watcher. This goes out to you, guys: Javier, Suber, Allison, Toby, Doc Merkury, Zrune, Mattblackgod, Brazo, Rodor, Mr. Martin and all the other great guys I may have forgotten. I do see you, but I cannot tell you so. Wish me luck, I will try to solve this. 

To start 2023, I chose my 15mm Nurgle Plague Marines, rotten to the core (of course) and 3D-printed as most of the stuff I do nowadays. 

 Happy 2023 everybody! :)



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