Mittwoch, 24. März 2021

Da Boyz are back in town!

There is no grim dark future without greenskins wielding big shootas! I was happy enough to get enough of the excellent Space Dorks by Slap miniatures before they went out of business. I had them in a box for quite some time now, but once you start painting 15mm guys, all of a sudden five are done. I will 3D prints some Grotz and Squigs, maybe even a Killa Kan or a small tank. Keeping this on a skirmish level, I will go for Grim Dark Future Firefight or Planet 28 rules-wise.

Mittwoch, 10. März 2021

15mm Blitz Bowl - Human Team

It's Blitz Bowl again, the humies enter the pitch. A blitzer, thrower, catcher and three linemen from Zombiesmith. There was an ogre in the package as well, but right now I only need six players per team and no big guys at all. Let's score some touchdowns! 


Donnerstag, 4. März 2021

Battletech Alpha Strike: First lance done

You allready know the Wolverine, now he's got three mates to fight with. I added a Javelin, Orion and Vindicator to make them form a lance together. I will probably do two opposing batallions of Inner Sphere mechs and some Clan mechs afterwards. This won't be the start of something big, just some figures for that itch of playing with giant stompy robots. :)

I also added the Alpha Strike unit cards for them which I designed for my own purposes. 

Really, I don't get it.

I have checked prices for 3D-Printers recently. You can get the formidable Mars 2 Pro for 130 Euros. That's the price for three Warhamme...