Freitag, 25. Oktober 2019

The Undead Call - Part Three: La Noche del terror ciego

The riders of pestilence bring fear and terror to the human homelands. My Demonworld Skeleton riders are done.

11 Kommentare:

  1. They certainly have no eyes, right? ;-)
    Nice as usual my friend.

  2. Wow! They look fantastic, especially photographed on this Mordor-like terrain. For some reason I'm not a big undead painter even though I always like other people's undead stuff. I should buy some Demonworld, because of course I need more figures XD

    1. Sure, Allison! There is no such thing like "too many undead". XD

  3. Haha, 'la noche del terror ciego'! Brilliant!
    Cool stuff indeed!

  4. Excellent work! Love the knight's shield

  5. Excellent work mate, you also picked the perfect background to show these off.


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