Mittwoch, 24. März 2021

Da Boyz are back in town!

There is no grim dark future without greenskins wielding big shootas! I was happy enough to get enough of the excellent Space Dorks by Slap miniatures before they went out of business. I had them in a box for quite some time now, but once you start painting 15mm guys, all of a sudden five are done. I will 3D prints some Grotz and Squigs, maybe even a Killa Kan or a small tank. Keeping this on a skirmish level, I will go for Grim Dark Future Firefight or Planet 28 rules-wise.

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  1. Damn I didn't know Slap miniatures went out of business. They were on my list, oh well.
    Nice job on these!

  2. I am not 100% sure about this. I tried to make contact some months ago and never received an answer. Afterwards I read comments by others who made the same experience and considered him to have stopped. Try for yourself, Don. Maybe he was just busy or it was a temporary issue. :)

  3. Oh, these are luvly! They look really nice! Hmmm, I like this stuff more than I should...

  4. Well done. Usually I'm not a big fan of smaller scale miniatures (I paint 25-28mm miniatures), but your miniatures and sceneries are quite intriguing :)

    1. If you NEED all races there are to play, 28mm is no option anymore. I just can't stop! :D

  5. Wonderful work on the Orks Skully! The terrain looks great as well.

  6. Love the bright green skin tones.
    Great work as usual skully.


  7. Great paint job: the contrast between the green of the skin and the dark of the clothes is particularly effective. We especially love the gang leader, perfectly at home in a harsh and dangerous urban environment!

  8. I love them! They have a leather biker Judas Priest thing going on that works great.


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