Freitag, 31. Januar 2020

Some bugs and an important question

Whoa, that was close. Nearly a whole month without a new post! I could say that my children keep me me from painting and posting (which is partly true), but I have to confess something to you guys... I have been painting... something not 15mm! Right now I'm looking at a tiny starship fleet from Brigade models and I'm going to add a battleship tonight. Some weeks ago I had a lot of Epic 40k stuff on my table and I finished a lot of new models I plan to use with Polyversal.

Now for my question... Would it be treason to show these things here? I started this blog strictly 15mm, but now I feel like posting stuff even tinier... as long as I don't go back to 28mm, I could justify something off-topic once in a while. What do you think? ;)

And now the proof that I did work on some 15mm guys as well. Here are my Khurasan Gun Crabs!


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  1. I think you can bend the rules for this! For one thing, you make the rules, and for another, it's convenient. And for a third, they're all very small models, so I suppose they're related, somehow!

  2. Nice work on the bugs! Yeah you should show your ships here !

  3. Change your blog's name for "Miniatures through space and time" and show anything you feel like. We all want to see all your jobs.

  4. Cool bugs. And amazing action shots too! Call the exterminators!

    No reason not to show your spaceships here, IMO.

  5. Excellent painting and great photos. Your blog so you can do what you want!

  6. Those bugs are really something, pretty nice!
    I concur; as everybody else said, it's cool to see what you bring here, no matter the scale. I can for sure foretell that it will all be awesome :)

  7. These look great! I bought some of the same minis and painted them up as Harkilons from Alien Legion.

  8. Thanks Doc! Any pics on your blog yet?

  9. It's your blog mate, you can post whatever you like. But I definitely wouldn't mind seeing some space ships or even other small scale games like 6mm.
    Welcome back!

  10. Those nights look awesome!
    Now nuke the site from orbit and arise from the ashes as a multi scale blogg 😉



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