Montag, 18. Januar 2021

Blood Bowl, errr... Blitz Bowl in god's chosen scale!

Yes, that means 15mm, guys! 

You: "But why did you do that, Skully?"

Me: "Because I could."

You: "But you allready own all of that in 28mm scale!" 

Me: "Everybody makes mistakes."

Blitz Bowl is allready a small scale game compared to Blood Bowl, since you only need 6-8 miniatures per team. But in 15mm I can paint up to two teams per WEEK. It is highly transportable, I can take it with me during holidays. The miniatures (mostly 3D-printed, with additions of Splintered Light and Alternative Armies) are magentized and I can carry up to 3 teams in a metallic cookie box. 

Today I'd like to show my pitch and my Undead team. I have nearly all other teams bought, printed or planned. Give me 5 weeks and you shall see them painted. ;)



8 Kommentare:

  1. Oh, my! So cute and lovely! I didn't see this coming!!

  2. 3D printed huh, they're very pretty.
    Magnificent work as always.

  3. That 3D printer is gonna be your doom ;-)

  4. The board and teams look fantastic!!

  5. Hola from LAF, and FLA! I am starting 15mm BB. I want to do our sister team, the Kiel Baltic Hurricanes. Suggestions for figs? ZOMBIESMITH?


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