Montag, 11. Mai 2020

Dystopian Diaries - Part 7: RobCo loves you.

Welcome to Dystopia. Every monday there will be a new entry showing my progress on all things postapoc.

In the Fallout universe, robots had been constructed for many purposes, and many examples survived long enough to be a factor post-War. Fallout Wiki.

I think I broke the record doing these last week. 12 miniatures painted in two days. I know the colour scheme is simple, but yet... try this in 28 millimeter! Models are from the and Alternative Armies. Robo-Brain, Protectron, Mr. Gutsy and Securitron are ready to roam the wastes. 

Stay safe, stay healthy.


11 Kommentare:

  1. Nice, every wasteland needs robots. Great work.

  2. and the music:

  3. Great little robots - lovely colours and superb effects on the screens!

  4. They look so great! You know, they look tiny to my 28mm-used eye, but then I spend some time on the details and it's all like 'oh, come on!'
    fantastic stuff

  5. I specially like the ones in the first picture. Great work on all of them!

  6. Excellent! These pictures really could be taken straight from the old Fallout game (except they look better)!

  7. Very Nice! Those look totally great and gives your game a very nice touch with that Fallout feel.

  8. Great stuff as usual Skully....
    I have those also and I used them for spaceport clutter.
    Very easy to make wacky ones out of plastic sprue and spare bits.

    Keep it up

  9. How come I haven't seen these before? They're amazing, perfect for Wasteman, and your brushwork is a great selling point.


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