Freitag, 6. März 2020

Blood Bowl - Orcs

I'm working on new 15mm stuff, but progress isn't made as quick as it used to be. So I had a look in my archieves for older stuff and I stumbled on my Blood Bowl files. I still love the game and they are going to be the only 28mm I'm going to keep in my collection (Though there are some really tempting 15mm versions from Zombiesmith). Here's my Orcs on one of my scratch built styro-foam boards. They are older paintjobs, but I still like them.


5 Kommentare:

  1. I like them! The shading on the troll is especially good.

  2. These are charming, but I have to say that the Troll is awesome.What an outstanding paintjob! :O

  3. Love what you did on the troll and the rest looks brilliant as well.
    Blood Bowl in 15mm, ... mmm that sounds pretty good actually. I still have some Tutatis models from Greebo that might work for this.

  4. Those are some great Orcs. Nice and bright, with clean lines. I'll need to check out the 15mm Blood Bowl miniatures. A travel version would be fun.


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