Sonntag, 23. Februar 2020

First game of Polyversal

So I had my first (solo-)game of Polyversal using 500 points in total. I played Orks against Imperial Guard and organized forces in a single battlegroup per side. I played three turns until I ran out of time and nominated the imperial forces to be the winner. The ork Lungbursta squadron dropped it's unit effectiveness below D4 and left the battlefield. The Boyz lost two combatants, the Dreadnoughts suffered a casualty and dropped to D4, while the Stompas dropped to D6 effectiveness and lost a targeting system. Both the Dreads and Stompas units still had stress counters on them. The Imperial Guard only lost a Leman Russ and a Sentinel, but the Chimeras were in a critical state (D4 effectiveness). 
The game took me 90 minutes with taking photos and reading rules from time to time. What I can say is that Polyversal plays smoothly and after some time determing hits and damage is quite easy. The game is not about killing units, it's about degrading their effectiveness during battle, quite like routing/breaking detachments in Epic. The game was actually won by Imperial Guard Conscripts putting loads of stress counters on the Ork tanks without even scratching them!

So far I really like the system, but I will have to find a human opponent to get a proper impression. I can allready say that I won't use this for mass battles... I had difficulties remembering how many tanks allready shot - this is because you are resolving to hit and damage at once with only one roll. It might sound convenient but you cannot f. e. roll all tanks firing together and roll all damage together afterwards. You have to do one unit after the other and then you do the same for the other weapon systems the unit might carry. I think it is more time consuming than in Epic Armageddon.

Here are some impressions from the battle:

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  1. Lovely pics of some classic figures!

    It sounds like it has potential to be a great game but I nipped over to their website and they appear to be charging $75 to pre order the rulebook which seems a tad steep!

    1. I think I paid 50$ when I backed in 2016. I'm happy with the content I got for that. Still waiting for the hard copy of the rules though...

  2. Those are great looking epic scale forces!

  3. Wow, the pics are sooo cool! You are a mean person, now I really really want to paint (and play) Epic again

  4. I backed in 2016. Still not got the book. I hope its worth the 4 year wait.

  5. That looks very, very tempting.
    The hex tiles look amazing too by the way, are they just to keep track of the stats or do they have a higher function?


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