Donnerstag, 17. November 2022

It's Necrovember, but here it feels like summer!

It is really warm for this time of year and I spent lots of time outside with the kids. But some quick paintjobs per evening for little more than a week gave me a respectable 15mm Necron force. I used the superb Cronz-files from Ankylo Miniatures that came out of my printer in perfect shape. I added a downscaled Skorpekh Lord and now I'm ready to harvest! Can't wait to try them out with Grim Dark Future or Xenos Ramapant, once it is available.

6 Kommentare:

  1. The colour scheme is pretty original and works perfectly, I do love these! I need a battle report (or at least some pew-pew pics!!)

  2. Thank you, Suber! I'd love to do a batrep again. :)

  3. you do wonders in 15mm. I specially like that green.

  4. Hello again! Good to see that you're back painting again. These little necrons are really cool. I like the colour scheme as well - unusual and striking. I've ordered some 10mm fantasy models so I may have to ask for tips for painting these small guys!

    1. No problem, you are always welcome. Can't wait to see your little buggers! :)


Xenos Rampant is out - and it likes 15mm scale!

This is not a batrep.