Samstag, 29. Januar 2022

8mm Undead - Fantastic Battles, here I come!

I have rebased my tiny Undead and added some proper terrain, everything 3D-printed. I will add some characters and another unit of skeletons and then I'm ready for my first games of Dragon Rampant, Mayhem and/or Fantastic Battles. I quite like that the force looks like a big warband and not like a mass army - gives me the proper Warhammer Fantasy feeling! The opposing army is also nearly done, can't wait to play! :D

6 Kommentare:

  1. That's gorgeous. I'm just drooling over the keyboard :O

  2. These look great!
    Tempted to give Dragon Rampant another go, especially in this scale.
    With limited time, I’m finding Warmaster has too high a figure count.

  3. Splendid army, if the adjective "splendid" can be applied to a band of bones and rotten flesh ... :) If we had appreciated the success of the painting of the individual units, now the entire warband inserted in its natural environment of eerie ruins is truly impressive. Given that for the undead to imagine an army of close ranks it would not be logical, we would have a curiosity: what is the limit for you between a large warband and a mass army? The number of miniatures or the variety of troop types?

  4. fantastic as usual. love the coloring of the spirit hosts stands.
    still waiting on the


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