Montag, 1. Juni 2020

Dystopian Diaries - Part 10: Children of the Zone

Welcome to Dystopia. Every monday there will be a new entry showing my progress on all things postapoc.

These guys are the Squamata Auxiliaries of the Kaamados Dominion. They're from Ral Partha's Critical Mass line and make great Tech-Cultists or worshippers of Nurgle. I will use them as twisted explorers of the wasteland who venture deep into contaminated terrain. They have rare weapons and gear, but their bodies have been exposed too long to critical doses of radiation. The miniatures are great, but they're kind of smallish and maybe not to everybody's taste sizewise. 

The Covid-situation is relatively calm here in Germany and I'm allowed to work again. It's time to move on and get some rest from the all this PA stuff. I think I'll switch to Fantasy to have a change of pace.

Stay safe, stay healthy! 

8 Kommentare:

  1. They are cool, nice work. I foresee a new faction in my wastelands.

  2. Such great and wonderful figures, my mind and heart says Yes but my wallet says NOOoo!

  3. Those Squaamata are a great find!
    If you're into 15mm fantasy I recommend you visit who's doing right now Mordheim ruined houses for 15mm. I'm right now buildings his sci-fi and are fantastic.

  4. Those are a great find and well painted!

  5. Oh, these are unsettling! I find them pretty interesting

  6. Thank you for bringing these to my attention, I had no idea Critical Mass had models like these. They're a very cool and appropriate faction for a post apocalyptic wasteland.

  7. Those are perfect for waste land life!


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