Montag, 6. April 2020

Dystopian Diaries - Part 2: Raiders

Welcome to Dystopia. Every monday there will be a new entry showing my progress on all things potapoc.

This time it's some more Raiders, coming from Rebel Minis. I like the sculpts very much. They were fun to paint and the masks make them very much Jason Vorhees / Leatherface. The skips are from the and the rubble tiles are an Ebay find. 

Stay safe, stay healthy.

8 Kommentare:

  1. They look terrific - as does the terrain!

  2. Great brush work! Man, I love Rebel minis for 15s.

  3. Lovely. Specially the punk with the mohawk

  4. These are indeed terrific models, lovely work on all of them.
    I'm mostly jealous of your outstanding terrain though 😁.

  5. I'm liking this scale more and more. Dammit, curse you!! :D

  6. The masks are bit like a mix of post-apocalypse, and The Purge. Or, at least they could be. Nice work!


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