Montag, 27. April 2020

Dystopian Diaries - Part 5: Beware of da Muties!

Welcome to Dystopia. Every monday there will be a new entry showing my progress on all things postapoc.

No wasteland is complete without mutants. I started my next faction with miniatures by Khurasan and Loud Ninja Games (Alternative Armies). Here's the first five and a half. ;)

Stay safe, stay healthy.

13 Kommentare:

  1. Love these mutants! I have some of the from Khurasan, but yours look waaaay better, good job!

  2. Those are very good. They fit in well with the ruined cars, too.

  3. Nice muties. Need to go 15mm.......musssst......reeesssiiiisssttt.

  4. Wowza, these look fantastic! I love every bit on every pic.

  5. A neat bunch! I like the guy with two heads, myself. I can't recall which ones are Khurasan and which are Bad Ninja, but they go together quite well.

    1. Yes... though I have to admit that Khursan's are much more detailed. Thanks, Allison! :)

  6. Loving the look of these! I got some of these Loud Ninja ones myself but still have to paint them up. Unlike you my hobby is eratic as hell, kind of wish I had your focus.


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