Samstag, 13. Juli 2019

Somewhere in the warp...

...the painting queue is very long.

I had this Epic 40k Bloodthirster for over 20 years and never found the motivation to paint him up. After discovering the Nox miniatures from Alternative Armies / The Ion Age, I decided to start some khornate chaos renegades for my 40k in 15mm games. Just like the Greater Unclean Ones he's scaling quite well to the 15mm guys. Keep in mind that the Nox wear heavy Terminator-like armor. Next to lightly protected troops the Bloodthirster looks like a monster.

6 Kommentare:

  1. Cute dog, really nice. And the Nox are perfect chaos troops.

  2. Those Nox do look pretty gnarly. Your output is pretty impressive Skully. I love seeing all your 15mm creations :)

  3. So, that's we're these models came from. I had a couple of these Nox models sitting on my desk for a future Sci-fi project but I had no idea where I bought them anymore. I was also struggling with a colourscheme but seeing yours I'm thinking of just borrowing the one you're showing off, the red seems to fit them like a glove.
    It's your Bloodthirster that steals the show though, magnificent brushwork you did on him, I'm in awe.


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