Dienstag, 7. Mai 2019

Something to die for

Back from holidays and hopefully doing much more posts in the weeks to come. I finished some new terrain features and Demonworld Mercenaries defending them. The houses are from Alternative Armies - a little bit on the small side, but I'm happy with them. Finally something that makes a good objective to destroy or protect.


  1. Awesome as always! Your 15s look like 28s, well done!

  2. Really nice looking little houses. They're full of character. Good work!

  3. I really like the one with the slate roof. They must be RICH!

  4. They look indeed a bit on the small side, but then perhaps they are for '15mm top of the head'.
    They make a while lot of a difference though, the beginnings of a town or a fortified farmstead.
    Splendid brushwork on both of them.


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