Mittwoch, 3. April 2019

Nurgling the night away...

Allison, this one is for you. I think they fit well size-wise. :)

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  1. I think we need bigger guns....)

  2. In 28mm they are a nuisance, but in 15mm they would be a bloody nightmare! Really nice paintjobs there Skully :)

  3. Oh wow, these nurglings are amazing! what base size did you put them on?

    1. The Nurglings sit on 20mm round MDF bases by 4Ground, which I use for all human sized figures. The ugly blobs reside on 30mm bases from the same manufacturer. Thanks, Wouter!

  4. these look great. have you used the old epic 40k Mortarion mini for anything for this??

  5. I apologize for missing this the first time round! They worked really well! As someone else said... they're pesky as small units, but terrifying as bigger ones. They're truly scale-agnostic in a way few other minis can be. I mean, you could pretty much field them in Epic as Greater Demons, couldn't you?

    The color-coded innards are a nice touch too XD


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