Samstag, 19. Januar 2019

Time for a new kind of setting - 15mm Fantasy comes true!

I couldn't resist. I own everything I need in 28mm. Most of it is even painted... and yet I needed 15mm fantasy. So I started building a new dungeon and ordered from Splintered Light, Ral Partha Europe and Alternative Armies. If time allows, I can paint five miniatures per day. Everything I ever wanted to do in RPG style games will be possible now. God, how I love this scale!

First pictures show Splintered Light Bugbears and Khurasan daemon type minis. Lizardmen and Dark Elves are next!

Here are some pics of my 28mm Fantasy stuff:


6 Kommentare:

  1. I like those, thinking of 15mm fantasy later this year!

  2. "Thinkin of" means "allready bought" - you know that, Fran! ;)

  3. They look good! I like the shading on the bugbears, especially the shields. Who makes those white things? They're really pretty creepy!

    1. Thanks, Toby! It's the gutter gophers from Khurasan's Postapoc line.

  4. These are gorgeous!
    I've only started with 15mm fantasy earlier this year (for Rangers of Shadow Deep) and this sure is inspirational.

  5. Thanks! There is much more to come in the next days! :)


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