Mittwoch, 5. September 2018

Heavy Reinforcements

I finished a Critical Mass Astagar APC and a slightly converted Reaper CAV Thunderbird mech for my NSL infantry. I will add a MBT and some smaller Old Crow vehicles in the future and build up an opposing force to have a little variety in painting schemes. The NSL Panzer Grenadiers are also a new addition I will have to expand.

5 Kommentare:

  1. They look really good, especially with that terrain. Where is the big robot from? He's pretty cool.

  2. Thank you, Toby! It's a Thunderbolt CAV from Reaper Miniatures. It's made from plastic and can be purchased new for about 6 US Dollars. Originally it was intended for 10mm play and not all of the CAVs fit well in 15mm scalewise. But this one is quite on spot, I'd say.

  3. Look great Skully, and your right some of the bigger CAV stuff is perfect for 15mm

  4. All else aside these are great photos. They show off the paint jobs well :) Good work making these look "believably military" without making them dull.


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