Samstag, 25. August 2018

Gruntz 15mm batrep

So we had our first game of Gruntz 15mm with my Weird War II armies. Stats for the units were easily made and the fun could begin. We had two mission objects to seize and played the random activation variant with a deck of poker cards. Also, we substituted the 2D6 with D12 which turned out fine. Another house rule was that the weapons' range on the unit cards was indicating the distance of optimal effect granting a +1 to hit modifier, while doubling the value meant +0 and triple range was a long distance shot at -1 to hit. These rather radical changes to the original rules played well and we didn't have the feeling that shooting was too deadly. After 4 turns our playing time ran out and we called it a draw since both sides held one of the objectives. Victory points for killing the german commander were canceled out by having more german units on the Americans' table half. I found it fiddly to determine the necessary to hit number for each different unit, besides from that Gruntz delivered lots of fun for us. We will definetly play that ruleset again.

German Grenadiers with Maschinenkrieger Light Mecha Support

Panzer III and Grenadiers

German Commander in his scout car.

German advance with Panzerschreck Team hiding in the forest.

Tank Battle. The two Panzer III were both damaged by the end of turn four.

The Sherman was highly effective against the German Elite Infantry.

German Shocktroops securing the objective on the hill.

US Power Armour troops deploy for battle.

US troops in no man's land. They never came near enough to the objective.

US troops secure an objective. The drone took out the German Commander.

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