Sonntag, 19. August 2018

Why? Why didn't I do this years ago?

I'm into tabletop gaming and miniature painting since 1998. Starting with Battletech and Space Crusade even earlier, I threw myself into the hobby starting a Chaos Army for Warhammer 40k. Necromunda, Blood Bowl and Epic Armageddon follwed and after that I discovered many more systems doing the bigs mistake again and again. I started plenty of projects in 28mm and even after painting hundreds of miniatures I never really finished them.
All this has changed.
Armies for Weird War II - done.
Insurgents for near future skirmishes - done.
Daemons for Doom-like dungeon crawls - done.
Welcome to the beautiful realm of 15mm wargaming. After working three months in this scale I painted over 150 miniatures and loads of tanks, APCs, robots, walkers, monsters and terrain. If I go on like this, I will be able to play any kind of setting and game size by the end of the year. The problems of space and time are solved, I will continue my hobby as desired and even real life issues won't hinder me. Thank you 15mm, you are too kind to me.

This blog will show my progress in this particular scale only. I changed to Blogger because it offers more options of communication and interaction. If you are interested in my other projects, follow this link to my old Tumblr blog.

Skully's World     

I hope you'll enjoy my future posts and leave me your thoughts, questions and feedback. Have fun!

4 Kommentare:

  1. Welcome to the fantastic world of 15mm!

    It's such a great scale for putting together small and not so small forces in pretty much any setting using all manner of different manufacturers and scales!

  2. So true... I didn't look back to 28mm so far. And by selling the bigger stuff I can buy all that fancy small stuff! :)

  3. Yes I made the switch over from 28 to 15mm about ten years ago and haven't looked back! Some very nice work you've done here and look forward to more!

  4. Thank you, Don! I could say the same to you, since I have stumbled on Brazos Evil Empire several times allready. Lots of cool stuff there, I read some of your batreps before going 15mm!


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